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Join the Healthcare Revolution with Restora Health! 

Why pay all that money with no benefits?! Health conscious people everywhere are rejecting the racket of the traditional health insurance and hospital-centered sick-care model and joining the revolution at Restora Health! 

What is this new, fresh, exciting movement?

HUGE savings, better health, and control over your health, costs and time.  

No More Waiting Rooms!  All done by Smart-phone, PC or Tablet!  What a concept!

We offer 2 products:

1 - Plus Benefits: For just $19.95 a month, a WHOLE HOUSEHOLD gets:

·                     24 / 7 Doctor – call at 2 am and get a prescription - NOW!

·                     24 / 7 Nurse

·                     24 / 7 Mental Health Counselors

·                     24 / 7 Second Opinion: ask any medical specialist any question and get answer in 4 hours

·                     Walgreens Walk-In Clinic – discounted services (Physicals, immunizations, etc.)

·                     Huge Discounts on: Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, Imaging, Labs, Hearing Aids, and Durable Medical Equipment.

·                     Medical Bill Payer – Will organize your bills and negotiate lower fees and rates.

·                     Medical Concierge – Will find specialists and set up appointments for you and arrange care for other family members

2 - Our powerful Optimal Health Program starting at just $59.00 a month:

Our powerful monthly membership TeleHealth Primary Care Program where all the above is included plus we PROACTIVELY to get you to the 5 + 2 Normals: - Normal Blood Pressure; Normal Blood Sugar, Normal Cholesterol, Normal Weight, No Tobacco, Stress Management, and Elimination of Inflammation (Cause of  over 90% of diseases).  Join the Restora Health Revolution!

This is not insurance. 

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